*UPDATE* The Deadly Game

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*UPDATE* The Deadly Game

Postby ATA_Marvin » Feb 16 2017, 3:02pm

The Deadly Game

Ends at 2pm PST March 2nd

"Sergeant-Colonel Reese "Chopper" Holland was known as the best of the best. There was no soldier tougher, stronger, or better at survival.

The perfect warrior...

The Deadly Game

Shadowy forces have kidnapped Chopper and locked him in a giant maze-like structure with two alien beings of terrifying strength and brutality. With no available weapons, Chopper must use whatever materials are at hand to fight back or become a trophy.

Does Chopper have the strength and cunning to survive long enough to discover who is behind the deadly game of cat and mouse?"

Trials of Adrena Changes

- Lasts 1 week!
- Improved rewards! Earn Mythic Matter, Holo-tokens, Limit Releasers, Element X, and Monster Creators!
- Trial Tokens no longer automatically regenerate. Instead, place in the top 60% of every League in order to earn Trial Tokens and battle the Trials of Adrena!
- The higher the League, the greater the bonus!

Trials of Adrena Monster Creator Rewards
Stage 2: 6 Common & 2 Rare Monsters
Stage 6: 12 Common & 4 Rare Monsters
Stage 10: 18 Common & 6 Rare Monsters
Stage 14: 24 Common, 8 Rare & 2 Epic Monsters
Stage 18: 36 Common, 12 Rare & 4 Epic Monsters
Stage 22: 54 Common, 18 Rare & 6 Epic Monsters
Stage 27: 72 Common, 24 Rare & 8 Epic Monsters
Stage 29: 90 Common, 30 Rare & 10 Epic Monsters

The Holosseum Changes

- All Holo-missions will now last 1 hour regardless of if the mission is successfully completed or not.
- Each Stage costs 5 Holo-tokens that regen at a rate of 1 every 6 minutes
- Earn Holo-crystal amplifiers by competing in Leagues!

Please Note:
- Holo-crystal bonuses will remain with the Faction you are in when you collect the bonus from your Rewards Inbox.
- If you are NOT in a Faction when you collect the bonus, you will NOT receive the bonus.
- Your Holo-crystal bonus is reset at the end of every event.
- Holo-crystal bonuses earned from one event cannot be carried over to the next.

New Holosseum UI

Update the app and to see the new and improved Holosseum UI! You can now:
- View your Faction's current Holo-crystals bonus
- Faction contributions
- Stage Rewards
- Holo-mission Rewards

Collect Makeshift Traps...

By competing in the Daily Holosseum Leaderboard!

To Collect Rewards from the Store page


Mythic Matter


And Monsters!

The Daily Holosseum Leaderboard

Work together with your Faction to complete as many Holo-missions as possible to earn Makeshift Traps each day in order to purchase the Deadly Bundles in the store!

The Deadly Game Leaderboard

Collect Holo-crystals with your faction to earn Deadly Game Faction Emblems!

The top faction wins the VIP Emblem of THE DEADLY GAME:

The top 10 factions win the Emblem of THE DEADLY GAME:


All Trial Tokens and Holo-tokens will remain on your account once the event ends.
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Re: The Deadly Game

Postby JonTea » Feb 16 2017, 3:06pm

It really is a trap!
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Re: The Deadly Game

Postby Lord_Anthony » Feb 16 2017, 3:17pm

You guys are crazy, but smart🤔
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Re: The Deadly Game

Postby Jenat_is_Dead » Feb 16 2017, 3:18pm

It's deadly it's R. I. P
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Re: The Deadly Game

Postby Negative_Zero » Feb 16 2017, 3:24pm

Am I the only one that got 40 tokens instead of 10?
Also you guys should stop complaining, you get around 80 ex at stage 3 (I think, I can't remember) and 5 mythic matter at stage 4 and 2 holo-tokens at stage 5, it's better than nothing
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Re: The Deadly Game

Postby Jipi- » Feb 16 2017, 3:27pm

League still during 4 hours ?
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Re: The Deadly Game

Postby MyNxY » Feb 16 2017, 3:44pm

Where has feedback gone?
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Re: The Deadly Game

Postby Negative_Zero » Feb 16 2017, 4:00pm

Feisty_MynX wrote:Where has feedback gone?

Feedback is the new "HELP" button in the question mark thing
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Re: The Deadly Game

Postby GlizDmRetired » Feb 16 2017, 4:08pm

Ata, remove the 2-hour wait after a mission ends and we may have an event worth using our time for.
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Re: The Deadly Game

Postby Plotscheck » Feb 16 2017, 4:36pm

Awesome update! Love it :)
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