**Update** Le Nullard

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**Update** Le Nullard

Postby ATA_Ness » Apr 13 2017, 2:08pm

Le Nullard

Ends at 2pm PDT April 27th (9pm UTC)
(Note: Trials / holo-missions will also temporarily be removed at this time to calculate rewards and prepare for the next event)


“Deep in the boreal forests of the Great North sleeps an eldritch lagomorphic horror.

It cannot be killed. It cannot be destroyed.


For generations, the Bucheron family, tasked with the duty of standing guard over the monster in its sylvan prison, has lived and trained in the frozen forest in near-total isolation.

Whenever the creature, known in folklore as "Le Nullard," has awakened, the Bucheron clan have managed to drive it back into its icy coffin. Now, however, there are only three surviving members of the family...

Deep in the boreal forests of the Great North, an eldritch lagomorphic horror has begun to stir…”

Collect Family Hatchets

Time for an old school PvP event! Collect Family Hatchets by attacking RIVALS!

SMASH's Charm is back for the duration of this event!

League bonuses are as follows:
- Gold: 2x
- Platinum: 4x
- Legendary: 6x

- Free stuff is good stuff! Collect 500 Family Hatchets every 6 hours from your Rewards Inbox!

Collect Reward bundles from the Store


Mythic Matter


And Monsters!


Instead of the Daily Holosseum Leaderboard, we'll have an event-long individual leaderboard. FIGHT for your rewards!



Blood Offerings: Type L/B

Note: Family Hatchets that are purchased from the Element X Pack or with EX to top-up when buying a Store Bundle do NOT count towards the leaderboard.

Holo-missions are still available...

For the duration of this event:

- No Holo-crystal amplifiers this time! But don't worry, the Holo-mission requirements are adjusted accordingly :)

- 2 Faction Emblems will drop from Holo-missions (Max. 1 per faction)
VIP Emblem from Mythic Holo-missions (and limit release Mythic Holo-missions)

Regular Emblem from Legendary Holo-missions (and limit release Legendary Holo-missions)

- You will no longer need to complete lower tier Holo-missions to unlock the higher tier ones!

Naga and Skids Creators

- Blood Offerings: Type S/N can now be topped up using EX!
- Naga and Skids Creators will be removed on April 27th, as will the Blood Offering bundles in the stores.
- All remaining Blood Offerings: Type S/N will be converted to Power Stones at a rate of 4:1.

Lichard and Blightwing Creators

- This time, the price of the creators will not increase per purchase.

- You will be able to purchase Blood Offerings: Type L/B through special bundles!
- Each purchase will unlock a new bundle with increased prices, but also increased value.
- If you don’t purchase the Blood Offering bundle for 24 hours, it’ll downgrade to the previous tier.

- Remaining Blood Offerings: Type L/B will be converted to Power Stones at a rate of 3:1.

Trials of Adrena

Blightwing and Lichard have been added to the monster rotation!

Please Note: You cannot restart the Trials of Adrena on Stage 1 unless you lose that stage.
After every 5 consecutive losses on a per stage basis, the cost to battle that stage will increase by 10 Trial Tokens.

Collect Trial Tokens from Leagues! The higher the League, the greater the bonus!

Other Updates

Player level cap has been increased from 199 to 250! Super congrats to the following players for hitting the previous level cap:


Have an Egg-citing (heeeeh) Easter weekend Agents!


A Top 500 tier has been added to the leaderboard and the amount of Blood Offerings: Type L/B have been increased for the Top 100 and Top 50.
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Re: Le Nullard

Postby Clamyboy74 » Apr 13 2017, 2:09pm

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Re: Le Nullard

Postby Danny » Apr 13 2017, 2:11pm

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Re: Le Nullard

Postby Captain-Daddy » Apr 13 2017, 2:12pm

Dope. 🤙🏻
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Re: Le Nullard

Postby -ElGringo- » Apr 13 2017, 2:13pm

Great avatars 😑
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Re: Le Nullard

Postby ____-GEM-____ » Apr 13 2017, 2:15pm

I can get behind this event. !!
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Re: Le Nullard

Postby Lord_Anthony » Apr 13 2017, 2:19pm

Let's say you beat a legend, get the emblem. Then you beat a mythic. Can you still get the emblem for the mythic?
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Re: Le Nullard

Postby Backinorder » Apr 13 2017, 2:24pm

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Re: Le Nullard

Postby mrdoom99 » Apr 13 2017, 2:31pm

Wtf are you guys thinking the avatar look very bad lately the avatars you put out suck
Last edited by mrdoom99 on Apr 13 2017, 3:09pm, edited 1 time in total.
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Re: Le Nullard

Postby ATA_Ness » Apr 13 2017, 2:38pm

Lord_Anthony wrote:Let's say you beat a legend, get the emblem. Then you beat a mythic. Can you still get the emblem for the mythic?

Yup, you can get both :)
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