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Re: Bloark’s Mirrors

Postby Wraithlin » May 26 2017, 1:09am

Why is adrena now only 3 days? This is a big reduction in rewards unless you also doubled the tokens we get from leagues
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Re: Bloark’s Mirrors

Postby Tommelz » May 26 2017, 2:32am

My trials of Adrena are still 7 days so I'm not sure why it would be different for you.
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Re: Bloark’s Mirrors

Postby Euro_Draciel » May 27 2017, 12:29pm

Yeah, imagine going to the smash register and telling them to transfer 28,000 full-size mirrors in a cart for 5 bags of cards that'll give you the stuff. 😐
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Re: Bloark’s Mirrors

Postby FreeTheDead » Jun 2 2017, 4:41am

Angsty Smash. 
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