Adrena's SMASHmas Party

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Adrena's SMASHmas Party

Postby ATA_Zelda » Dec 21 2017, 2:29pm

Adrenas SMASHmas Party

Ends on January 4th, 2018 at 1pm PST (9pm UTC)!

NOTE: The main event and faction leaderboards end at 1:15pm PST on January 4th, 2018 to ensure that your rewards from the final Daily Holosseum leaderboard will count towards your totals. However, the event itself, as well as the Daily Holosseum leaderboard and SMASH's Charms, end at 2pm PT that day.


There's nothing the SMASH Bosses look forward to more than the yearly SMASH holiday office party…


Every year, the elite and evil of SMASH take a few days off exploding each other to gather on the more-or-less neutral ground of Trial Island for Adrena's yearly SMASHmas bash.

The highlight of each year's party is the ""Secret SMASH"" gift exchange, where the Bosses attempt to outdo each other with gifts that show off their own technological advancement and military supremacy.

Of course, it wouldn't do to hand a mega-weapon over to one's enemies…without a LITTLE sabotage…

Collect Techno-nogs

As is fitting for a party held on Trial Island, this event is a Holo Event!

Collect Techno-nogs by attacking RIVALS and by competing in the Daily Holosseum Leaderboard!

SMASH's Charm still features throughout this event.

Collect 500 Techno-nogs every 6 hours from your Rewards Inbox!


You can collect Augments to boost your Agent ability, Monsters, and Districts! For more information regarding Augments, please see the dedicated forum post "Introducing Augments" under Announcements.

NOTE: In order to equip and see the new player profile and Augments, please make sure you are on version 5.00 or above if you are on iOS. If you are not on this version, Augment bonuses will still apply, but you will not be able to equip or unequip them.

Augment Mystery Box

Collect Augment Mystery Keys from the Trials of Adrena to open the Augment Mystery Box found in the Store. You'll receive Golden Blobs along with the chance at Augments!

While you are NOT guaranteed an Augment from each spin, the Augment Mystery Box contains all currently available Augments outside of the ones being rewarded during this event.

All available Augments:
- Agent Augment: Brain - +% Player XP from Battle
- Agent Augment: Hand - +% Gold from Battle
- Monster Augment - +% Medals earned from Rivals
- Monster Augment - +% MAX HP
- Monster Augment - +% MAX Attack
- Building Augment - +% MAX HP
- Building Augment - +% MAX Attack
- Agent Augment: Body - + Energy Cap
- Monster Augment - +% Speed
- Building Augment - +% Speed

Augment Mystery Box

Augment Mystery Key


League bonuses for Techno-nogs earned by battling Rivals are as follows:
- Bronze/Silver: 1x
- Gold: 2x
- Platinum: 4x
- Legendary I: 6x
- Legendary II: 7x
- Legendary III: 8x


Daily Holosseum Leaderboard
Earn Techno-nogs! Use Techno-nogs to open event Reward Bundles from the events page.

NOTE: Techno-nogs earned from the Daily Holosseum Leaderboard will be automatically deposited into accounts — no need to collect them from the reward inbox!

Faction Holosseum Leaderboard
Collect Holo-crystals with your faction for exclusive Faction Emblems, Gold, and Mythic Matter!

1st place

Top 10

Event Leaderboard
Collect Techno-nogs from Rivals and the Daily Holosseum Leaderboard for exclusive Avatars, Gold, Mythic Matter, and Augments!

NOTE: Any purchased Techno-nogs (such as those converted from EX to buy bundles) do NOT count towards the event leaderboard

1st place

Concentrated Tachyon Enhancer Augment - +10% Attack and +2.5% Speed

Top 10

Concentrated Tachyon Enhancer Augment - +10% Attack and +2.5% Speed

Top 50

Major Tachyon Enhancer Augment - +8% Attack and +2% Speed

Top 100

Standard Tachyon Enhancer Augment - +6% Attack and +1.5% Speed

Collect Reward bundles from the Events Page

REMEMBER: Event bundles are found in the events page!

The event page of the future also shows you your progress in real time and lets you preview upcoming rewards! You can win:


Earn Tachyon Enhancer Augments to boost the Attack and Speed of your Buildings!

Mythic Matter!


And Monsters!
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Re: Adrena's SMASHmas Party

Postby Tommelz » Dec 21 2017, 2:41pm

Merry xmas!😘💜
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Re: Adrena's SMASHmas Party

Postby Hermione » Dec 21 2017, 8:49pm

Those Rudos ones are super cute!
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Re: Adrena's SMASHmas Party

Postby epicawesome » Dec 23 2017, 2:46pm

New island?
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Re: Adrena's SMASHmas Party

Postby Mr-TSherman » Dec 30 2017, 12:42am

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Re: Adrena's SMASHmas Party

Postby -Boobie- » Dec 30 2017, 7:08am

Somebody think of his b norman
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Re: Adrena's SMASHmas Party

Postby Hagrid » Jan 1 2018, 5:33pm

A glitch makes the cancel button unresponsive so I'll have to post this
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Re: Adrena's SMASHmas Party

Postby micahfoot » Jan 1 2018, 9:53pm

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Re: Adrena's SMASHmas Party

Postby NME_NEMESIS » Jan 2 2018, 8:39pm

Free crash
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