Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

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Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby ATA_Zelda » Jan 4 2018, 1:16pm

Battle of Wills Blobs vs. Bots

Ends on January 18th at 1pm PST (9pm UTC)!

Two loser blobs…

Two fail robots…

Which of them has what it takes to see their New Year's resolutions through?


Aside from total world geopoliticothermonucleomutagenic domination, there's no greater test of mental and physical fortitude than keeping one's New Year's resolutions!

To prove their brainlular and musculatory supremacy, the blobs have challenged the bots to a contest of willpower.

Each side has put forth two of their weakest-willed champions, each of which has something about themselves they (and their friends and family and neighbours and those sitting next to them on the bus) want to change.

The side that shows the greatest level of improvement rules SMASH for a year!*

*Winning side does not actually get to rule SMASH, but is allowed to boss around the other side for a bit. Many, many restrictions apply. See contest website for details. There is no website.

Collect SMASH Calendars

As with the previous event, you can collect SMASH Calendars by attacking RIVALS, and from League Leaderboard Rewards! (Don't worry, we don't be doing this for every event forever, but that's how this one will work.)

SMASH's Charm features throughout this event, as usual.

You can also collect 500 SMASH Calendars every 6 hours from your Rewards Inbox!

Holo-Missions Unlocked

Since this is another PvP event, all Holo-missions are still unlocked!. That means you can do any tier you want right away, without having to go through the previous tiers first!

NEW Augments

For this event's double effect Augments, we're bringing back the Quantum Factor Augment, which boosts both Monster HP and Medals earned! You can collect Quantum Factor Augments throughout this event.

Augment Mystery Box

As always, you can collect Augment Mystery Keys from the Trials of Adrena to open the Augment Mystery Box found in the Store. You'll receive Golden Blobs along with the chance at Augments!

While you are NOT guaranteed an Augment from each spin, the Augment Mystery Box contains all currently available Augments outside of the ones being rewarded during this event.

All available Augments:
- Agent Augment: Brain - +% Player XP from Battle
- Agent Augment: Hand - +% Gold from Battle
- Monster Augment - +% Medals earned from Rivals
- Monster Augment - +% MAX HP
- Monster Augment - +% MAX Attack
- Building Augment - +% MAX HP
- Building Augment - +% MAX Attack
- Agent Augment: Body - + Energy Cap
- Monster Augment - +% Speed
- Building Augment - +% Speed

Augment Mystery Box

Augment Mystery Key


League bonuses for SMASH Calendars earned by battling Rivals are as follows:
- Bronze/Silver: 1x
- Gold: 2x
- Platinum: 4x
- Legendary I: 6x
- Legendary II: 7x
- Legendary III: 8x

League Leaderboard Rewards will also grant SMASH Calendars at a fixed rate depending on your League Tier and your placement on the League Group Leaderboard. Check the League Leaderboard Rewards noted in your Group for the season to see the amounts you stand to earn that season!


Event Leaderboard
Collect SMASH Calendars from Rivals and League Rewards! Use them to open event Reward Bundles from the events page for exclusive Avatars, Gold, Mythic Matter, and Augments!

NOTE: Any purchased SMASH Calendars (such as those converted from EX to buy bundles) do NOT count towards the event leaderboard.

Please also note that ties on the Event Leaderboard grant the prizes of the lower tier.

1st place

Concentrated Quantum Factor Augment - +10% MAX HP and +2.5% Medals earned

Top 10

Concentrated Quantum Factor Augment - +10% MAX HP and +2.5% Medals earned

Top 50

Major Quantum Factor Augment - +8% MAX HP and +2% Medals earned

Top 100

Standard Quantum Factor Augment - +6% MAX HP and +1.5% Medals earned

Collect Reward bundles from the Events Page

REMEMBER: Event bundles are found in the events page!

The event page of the future also shows you your progress in real time and lets you preview upcoming rewards! You can win:


Earn Quantum Factor Augments to boost the MAX HP and Medals earned for your Monsters!

Mythic Matter!


And Monsters!
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Re: Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby heroin-user-1 » Jan 4 2018, 2:23pm

Wow (Owen Wilson voice)
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Re: Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby DirkMcGirk » Jan 4 2018, 5:37pm

These avatars are 🤢🤮
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Re: Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby Quartzory » Jan 5 2018, 8:52am

Avatars are getter much better  YES YES YES , keep it up ATA 
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Re: Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby civiehoo » Jan 18 2018, 10:10pm

DirkMcGirk wrote:These avatars are 🤢🤮

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Re: Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby jsodom » Jan 21 2018, 4:07am

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Re: Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby epicawesome » Jan 21 2018, 11:43am

So new island ?
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Re: Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby balrogs » Jan 22 2018, 10:27am

Shame this event wasn’t extended to keep a bit of interest up. Could have frozen the positions at the end of the event and still be getting bundles from participating in leagues.
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Re: Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby weevildead » Feb 17 2018, 4:11pm

We do not get enough blobs to upgrade monsters in time before the game ends. I play constantly and can barely upgrade my monsters. Also labs still take forever. One of my agent labs is 102 days!!!! That's insane beings the games going away. Trying to get as much of the full experience as possible.
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Re: Battle of Wills: Blobs vs. Bots

Postby Blob » Feb 18 2018, 12:10am

I find this offensive.
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