The Walking Tech

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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby Zed » Feb 20 2018, 4:02pm

Maybe give everyone a chance to unlock everyhing in your game, i dont get why there are still restrictions right now and i dont get how i still find myself with out anything to do in this game
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby CrazyMobius » Feb 21 2018, 11:11am

Can you increase exp gain in holos?
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby JayneCobb » Feb 23 2018, 9:15am

Ata kept a dying game alive for 2years knowing it had no future all the while still happily taking your money. Shows what kind of moral compass these shysters have
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby kaito » Feb 23 2018, 10:51am

Anil wrote:“There are no event augments this time, but there not gone forever” ummmmmmm wait a minute ATA you sure about that?

Source: -IT-

It’s been confirmed arguments are coming to KOH rejoice!
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