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Postby h0wdy1991 » Apr 14 2017, 2:45pm

Hi. I wanted to take a moment to memorialize via summary the greatest Holo battle of all time.

While many vets may point to other competitions and other events, those of us directly involved in the last Holo event really know how close it especially like to congratulate DM, as their strategy throughout the event was amazing.

While I can only truly explain the events from one side, I welcome feedback.

Day 1-2:. Event starts, DM off to a super fast start jumping into the early lead. Rwt fell back to like 4th. During this time RWT began maxing increases until day 3.

Day3: legendary gets cleared, rwt maxed bonus, begins separating from rest of factions.

Day 4: DM begins using strategy involving sub fact bonuses. Awesome idea.

Day 5. Rwt has huge lead, nearly a billion up from anyone else...That afternoon things change.

Day 6:. DM pushes....Hard. comes within 200mill...Then overnight pushing stops..
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Postby h0wdy1991 » Apr 14 2017, 2:50pm

Day7-12:. Things relatively status quo, rwt accumulated 400-500 million lead...Roster changes occured.


DAY 13...heavy grinding, truly heavy. DM came to within 200mill..Rwt barely able to hold them off. DM using another awesome strategic move, rotating players.

Day 14:. Absolute insanitym. Multiple individual day totals over 60 mill by both factions. Non stop grinding for 12 hours, DM constantly gaining ground....Until the event ends, rwt wins by 1 million.

Wow...Words don't convey it.
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Postby -PhatCat- » Apr 15 2017, 10:22am

Was the most fun I've had in an event yet, congratulations to dm for your amazing efforts.
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Postby Boom » Apr 15 2017, 10:50am

Day 7: day after DM catches up to ~150 mil, 8Maui8 demolishes holo hall of fame record by eclipsing 100 mil on his own in one day, a powerful counter punch to regain the momentum
Day 12: lead went up to as high as ~700 mil?
Day 13: RWT coasted, thinking DM was demoralized, then a code red was issued
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Postby YemachShemoy » Apr 18 2017, 5:32pm

Does someone have a screenshot of the ending leaderboard? In the exhaustion and disappointment of coming up short, I didn't keep one, but now I think I'd like to remember this.

Something to consider as well: when ATA started these holo-based events, they didn't bother with a leaderboard that could count past 2.1 billion (2^31 - 1 to be exact) without barfing and rolling into negative numbers. We just had two factions put up more than 4 times that...each.

Let's see what we can overload next, shall we? 😈
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Postby -steph » May 13 2017, 9:55am

Normally don't write on forms but this definitely the most competitive holo battle by far
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