CIA - Black Suits | 7 Spots Available

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CIA - Black Suits | 7 Spots Available

Postby Euro_Draciel » May 7 2017, 5:09pm


- { AOTM in the making } -

- { Spot edits does not count as a 'new change'. } -

⚜️ Founder ⚜️

⚜️ Co-Founders ⚜️

👤 Administrators 👤


Medal Requirements
3,000 SMASH Medals or higher

- { Our requirement will vary on the status of our member count. } -

Spots Available
- 7 Spots -

- { We're always updating if a spot is available. } -

"Visitors are Welcomed"

Prospect Suits

- { Be warned, visitors. If we need space for members, } -
- { we will remove you for the purpose of spots. } -

Chat Group


We are a corporation created on part to spread our word to the SMASH world that we are here to make a mark. Like the CIA, we analyze and collect information of intelligence in SMASH. Countering any information we find to our advantage. We inform our members on ways to become stronger and that you, as a agent, help contribute for the better.

Everyday, we encourage agents in the faction to help contribute and help each other whenever one of them is in need of help. We're not strict on our rules, but it doesn't mean we don't reinforce them. A badly organized faction is never a good thing so we try to keep the faction going in a decent pace and time when possible. Some of us talk. Some of us don't. We keep it private. Or we do it by word for word. All of us operate differently and a bit of diversity is sometimes a good thing.

Agent of the Month

- { This section is currently in maintenance. Check this next time. } -

Activity Rules

- 4 Days of Inactivity = Kick -

- 3,000 SMASH Medals or more -

- Be active ONLY when possible -

- Be respectful to everyone and the community. -

We're a generous bunch, so we do notify our members on their walls if they're reaching their end of their stay. We also will excuse some agents if they're doing something irl or busy with anything that will delay their activity. After being excused, they should be able to still go at a steady pace and manage to stay active. We're not strict enough to tell you to attack all the time. We only ask you to attack only when possible and grow at your own pace as it goes with accumulating SMASH medals.

In here, we do want people who can talk sometimes in FC, but we don't want the disrespectful crowd in our faction. We won't tolerate any agent who will do death threats to the community or anything that may tarnish our faction's leadership just because someone felt the need to be heard from the world. We'll kindly give the agent a warning to cease the disruption at most. And if they continue doing this, we will show them the way to the exit.

We want our agents to take precaution in World Chat if they're going to risk being silenced due to the notorious silence system and that if they need help, they can say so in the FC or in our messenger app, Agent. Not all agents in our faction is talkative in FC, so we know that we shouldn't ask them to get the app too much..

Administrators Activity Rules

- 4 Days of Inactivity = Lose Admins -

- 3rd Role Activity Warning = Lose Admins -

- Be respectful to everyone and the community -

- Disruptive behavior by kicking agents randomly

will be warned and role removed. Worst being kicked. -

Admin Roles are positions that help support the faction and keep activity in optimal pace as possible. They may hold a few tasks, but they all proven to be beneficial to the faction to stay strong. When these admins get these roles, they are much like an identity they hold in CIA. They are what keep the faction running like it should now and as days pass.

Any agent that is eligible to getting admins will be given a chance to earn the administrative role, but we keep a number of admins to have at a time. We'll give out admins only if they do their following roles as they should without being inactive; like the usual activity rule for any agent in the faction. As always, we want our admins to show the same respect to other agents in the faction and the community as they would show to anyone in here. We don't want admins constantly sounding mighty as it will become a nuisance.

We're always notifying the admins if they're close to their end of being admins on their wall. Sometimes when an admin lose their role, there's a possible chance they can get it back: Show more activity and show you can be there even if busy, especially if their role might be vital to keeping the faction in check. If any of our admins ever decide to abuse their role by kicking other agents in the faction, we'll be sure to cease the disruptive behavior of the admin after any warning on the admin's wall is left ignored and remove their role. If worse, we'll kick them for not being reasonable with us. We'll keep a note to not have that agent cause any trouble in our faction again.

As we state this, we hope our admins will keep this mind if they ever decide to become rogue and cause trouble inside the faction. And what words is best to say that? Now I would state them in a nice form of quote I would made up.

"The Disruptive will not be Tolerated as do Rogues.."

Administrators Assigned Roles

Here below shows all the assigned roles with their names (which I gave) along with their instructions. This will help admins not forget they all each have individual roles so that usual actions such as accepting players or kicking agents won't be all over the place. Also that way the admins activity can be watched more easily if organized. Be sure to note that admins may lose their role from time-to-time and you may not see their names listed in the roles nor the admins line, but they can always earn it back.

I also would like to note that all roles are equal. Roles like the Watcher are just in higher post, not higher ranks. Just in case there might be a misunderstanding between how we set up our admin roles.

-( The Editor )-
- Euro Draciel -
I take care and keep this thread in check. When
anything in the faction becomes updated, I follow
up the changes here and do it weekly in
case of competition in the FC Forums.
I'm dedicated to this post, so I'm willing to add
details and updates that'll help the faction.

-( The Watcher )-
- Fatalskillz -
A role much higher than the Monitor and other roles,
the Watcher keeps check on the activity of admins
that have assigned roles. They make sure admins
aren't slacking on the job nor attacks.They're to
send warnings to the inactive admins reaching a
deadline; warnings are much like strikes, so
they are to warn them about 1-3 times
till inactive admin's role removed.

-( The Advisors )-
- Deo and Robby -
Advisors help give agents some advice and tips on the
game if any doubts or questions is raised by any player
in the FC. They're not always online to help, so
agents must be wary that their questions
can't always be answered.

-( The Main Recruiter )-
- Enzo -
Recruits and send potential members to Black Suits.
Once they're ready to join us, and we have spots,
they're to be seen with any Admins. And wait for
the Caller to accept. In some cases, fellow
agents will need to volunteer in the admin's
place when we have too little agents in
the faction. In the end, it works out.

-( The Monitors )-
- Azelein, Joker, Dracon -
- SovietPup and Manajerr -
Tracks the activity of fellow agents if they have overcome 3-4
days of inactivity and is sure to wall the inactive about their
time is getting due and must make up. Once their
time is up and no reply/make-up is done,
they'll show them out.

Messenger App

Our chat app, Agent, is a messenger app like Line, but operates a bit differently. When a member joins, they can ask if they can join the chat group or not; and if they do, we'll provide the instructions to get started with Agent while noting it works very differently than Line. We share small talk, help, and things we usually would want to say in FC. We all have fun and chill at our pace, so we don't have pressure on our members.

There is no rule in our faction that says that agents must have the app after joining our faction. We only let those who are interested in joining our chat group to use Agent. The only time we need an agent to have the messenger app is if they're an Administrator. Not all agents joined the chat group, so it's pretty evident that it's not required to have the messenger app. You choose to have the messenger app or not. We don't mind at all.


You have reached the end of this post.

If you ever want to contact us,

wall one of the main agents above and write to us

and we'll reply you at our own time.

This is a faction post made by administrator, Euro_Draciel.

- { Bored? Here's a old thread link: Who Are You? [Based on B-Day] } -

- { Recommended if seen with a tablet device! } -

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Re: CIA - Black Suits

Postby Euro_Draciel » May 9 2017, 3:08pm

- { Hello agents. We have a few spots available and if you're interested, } -
- { be sure to wall the highlighted Admins and Founders at the top of the post. } -
[ I can assure that the massive # of edits are from spots. Not from creating it. ^_^; ]
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Re: CIA - Black Suits

Postby ____-GEM-____ » May 9 2017, 4:07pm

Blown away!! This is an amazing, creative, beautiful faction post Euro
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Re: CIA - Black Suits

Postby resin » May 9 2017, 6:06pm

This message will self destruct in 3...2...1...
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Re: CIA - Black Suits

Postby Backinorder » May 10 2017, 6:53pm

resin wrote:This message will self destruct in 3...2...1...

This message will Resin you are cancer
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Re: CIA - Black Suits

Postby Euro_Draciel » Jun 7 2017, 5:46pm

Euro wrote:
Thank you guys for the awesome comments below my post. I can ensure it's no big deal. ^u^
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Re: CIA - Black Suits

Postby SpongeBlob » Jun 7 2017, 8:30pm

Best faction description, details and most organized group ever ;) very very impressive ;)
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Re: CIA - Black Suits

Postby Fatalskillz » Jun 8 2017, 7:47pm

I know I'm a bit late to say this euro but, this forum post is absolutely amazing, thank you so much for all the work you put into it!😋
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Re: CIA - Black Suits | 1 Spots Available

Postby Euro_Draciel » Jun 24 2017, 8:26pm

Euro wrote:
👇🏻👆🏻Thanks Gwyn and Fatal for your positive comments! I do play around with the forum coding in posts a lot to make big posts like this great faction forum. 😋
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Re: CIA - Black Suits | 1 Spots Available

Postby Gwyn » Jun 24 2017, 9:16pm

This really is a magnificent forum post. The best I've seen. It's put together so damn well. Cutos to you euro
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