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Postby Monkeyanimal » May 30 2017, 7:23pm

Welcome to the Smash Monsters version of PPC! I understand I'm not the official leader of PPC and I never will be! :) But once meego is gone, this is where PPC will thrive in, and I hope all of its original members from meego will be with us so PPC can live on and grow!

Let's get this out of the way! THIS IS A ROLEPLAYING FACTION. We help each other out and are always here to talk. Just a fair reminder, if you don't like roleplay then perhaps another fraction is awaiting you.

 Alright done with the intro, whew 
Alright so this is where the boring stuff is and I apologize but it needs to be done.

☄️ Admins ☄️ Co-Chief
* AnnaXMacca
( More admins will be chosen presently )
Admin rules:
 No kicking members without permission please.
💥 No kicking without a (VALID) reason.
{ Spelling mistakes, not a good city, e.c.t.) are not good reasons at all.
 Please don't be possessive or lash out at others, I understand we all have bad days but no need to take it out on others :)
💥 If I get at least 3 complaints you'll most likely be demoted if not kicked. 
 Don't leg being Admin get to your head. Trust me it won't be fun for ya.
💥 If you leave the faction, you most likely will not get your Admin back! 
Primary Rules:
 Please keep it PG. There are younger people in this faction.
⚜️ Ima be blunt about this. ACT YOUR AGE. As in mature. This is a no drama faction and do not appreciate drama.
 We do care about your own opinions and understand you have your own. Please accept ours.
⚜️ I will remind you all again: This is a Roleplaying faction
 Be considerate of others! As in be kind to everyone
⚜️ Don't fill chat with random letters: such as, a, u, b, d, x you get the gist right?
 When not participating in rping: please use () A.K.A parenthesis
⚜️ Please PLEASE respect everyone in the faction: this includes the admins and chiefs!
⚜️ And we do rant! So please be ready to listen!
Almost finished! Hold on there!
🌼 Roleplaying Rules!
💠 Please keep it PG. Don't allow your characters to be too cozy.
🌐 Don't use characters that are not accepted by Chiefs or Admins. { Also if there is already a character with that name please either put an initial or change the name please!)
💠 Don't make your character super Op as in over powered!
🌐 Please ask for permission for injuring other peoples characters. [ As in like a battle of a fight } unless it is a slap or a kick.
💠 Use Parenthesis when not rping please!
🌐 Please do not force any relationships with characters. You'll eventually find one out.
💠 Y'all can join an rp whenever you want! Don't hesitate to join in.
🌐 Create your own Roleplays ( rp ) if ya don't like what's being rped or if you just wanna do your own thing! Don't be afraid!
💠 Post all characters of any in the thread or wherever fits for you!
🌐 We all have salty or angry characters! just don't make them really rude and stuff please!
See? That wasn't so bad! You made it through the thread! I'm sure this won't be the last post for PPC! So just please be considerate of the rules and stuff, all this blah blah blah. I hope you all have fun in PPC and everything! And if you haven't joined then maybe this is the tribe for you!
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Re: PPC!-ThePorcupineCones

Postby Dunce » May 30 2017, 8:19pm

That seems like WAY too many rules. And why not post this on the actual factions forum?
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Re: PPC!-ThePorcupineCones

Postby h0wdy1991 » May 31 2017, 1:33pm

What is meego
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Re: PPC!-ThePorcupineCones

Postby Fatalskillz » Jun 1 2017, 12:09pm

I don't think gist would like anyone to get him.
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Re: PPC!-ThePorcupineCones

Postby Umbreslash2 » Jun 5 2017, 1:45pm

Do I really have to repeat all my character forms? It takes forever and ever
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Re: PPC!-ThePorcupineCones

Postby Whomp- » Jul 5 2017, 9:31am

Hi, so the official PPC faction has been created, and Rat Face (Beatles) will be joining it, so if you wanna keep in touch, we'll be there. Bye <3 -Gala
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Re: PPC!-ThePorcupineCones

Postby Whomp- » Jul 5 2017, 9:40am

Oh yes, I should probably give you the name lol. It's called T Porcupinecones, PPC is the shortened version, and currently I'm leader because Beatles hasn't joined the game.
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Re: PPC!-ThePorcupineCones

Postby Freddy214 » Jul 6 2017, 7:33am

So this is a proper faction and not forum then yes?
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