Oldest Faction?

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Re: Oldest Faction?

Postby batistuta » Feb 7 2018, 1:17pm

JayneCobb wrote:I miss smash the way it was back in the old days.

This guy was nr 1
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Re: Oldest Faction?

Postby -x- » Feb 8 2018, 5:13am

Elite labs was the first faction Jayne and I both enjoyed time there. I left it maybe a month or two ago to join -V- and have a slightly more active/stronger holo mission clan to play with.

There are very few beta players or year 1/early players left it seems.
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Re: Oldest Faction?

Postby EatDeezNutz » Feb 13 2018, 7:55am

Farewell -X- my old friend.hope the future treats you well
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