The E.N.D.

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The E.N.D.

Postby ATA_Zelda » Mar 1 2018, 12:17pm

The E.N.D.

Ends at 3pm PDT (10pm UTC) on Thursday March 29th (Daily Holosseum leaderboard ends at 2:30pm PDT (9:30pm UTC) on March 29th)!

[[ATTN: priority message incoming]]

Attention, Agents!

Our great and evil overlord SMASH proclaims that he has had enough. No more will he suffer the constant meddling of heroes, witches, competing villains, hackers, lumberjacks, sapient sea creatures, or accountants.

As of today, our wondrous and malevolent overlord SMASH orders that the entire Agency begin work on a new superweapon: the Extradimensional Neutralization Device.

This weapon will make every SMASH monster everywhere, in this world and all others, a thousand times stronger than ever before. We will use these monsters to crush all opposition in every dimension and finally reign supreme.

To prepare for this, each and every Agent must collect Dark Matter to power the E.N.D. We have prepared a new strain of power-boosting Mutagen as Augments for your monsters to use in this final, most glorious mission of the SMASH Agency.

You have until 3pm PDT on March 29th, to collect the Dark Matter we need.

At 12pm PDT on March 30th, the Extradimensional Neutralization Device will be powered up, and all the worlds will be ours.

Tea and tacos will be served in the common areas afterwards.

[[end priority message]]

Collect Dark Matter

This event is both PvP and Holo. Use every method at your disposal to collect that Dark Matter!

You can collect Dark Matter by attacking RIVALS, collecting League Leaderboard Rewards, and by competing in the Daily Holosseum Leaderboard!

You can also collect 1200 Dark Matter every 4 hours from your Rewards Inbox!

Changes to Trial Island

Not to be outdone, Adrena is stepping up her game for this final glorious mission!

The Trials of Adrena will have 250 stages this time, and each stage will only cost 10 Trial Tokens instead of 100. The cost to reset a Trial is now 100 Trial Tokens, rather than 1000.

The Trials will also give out out more Monster XP, and drops lots of Ultra Blobs!

Changes to the Holosseum

Since Limit Releasers can no longer be purchased, there are no more limit release Holo-missions. All Holo-missions are free, and there’s no longer a 2-hour cooldown between missions.

As well, anyone in a faction can now start a Holo-mission!


As mentioned in the priority message, special Augments have been prepared for you: Mutagenated Mutagenic Mutagens. These boost your Monsters' Attack, Speed and Max HP by 100% each!

These can be found in each of the 24 event bundles.

As always, you can collect Augment Mystery Keys from the Trials of Adrena to open the Augment Mystery Box found in the Store. You'll receive Golden Blobs along with the chance at Augments!

While you are NOT guaranteed an Augment from each spin, the Augment Mystery Box contains all currently available Augments outside of the ones being rewarded during this event.

All available Augments:
- Agent Augment: Brain - +% Player XP from Battle
- Agent Augment: Hand - +% Gold from Battle
- Monster Augment - +% Medals earned from Rivals
- Monster Augment - +% MAX HP
- Monster Augment - +% MAX Attack
- Building Augment - +% MAX HP
- Building Augment - +% MAX Attack
- Agent Augment: Body - + Energy Cap
- Monster Augment - +% Speed
- Building Augment - +% Speed

Augment Mystery Box

Augment Mystery Key


League bonuses for Dark Matter earned by battling Rivals are as follows:
- Bronze/Silver: 1x
- Gold: 2x
- Platinum: 4x
- Legendary I: 6x
- Legendary II: 7x
- Legendary III: 8x

League Leaderboard Rewards will grant Dark Matter at a fixed rate depending on your League Tier and your placement on the League Group Leaderboard. Check the League Leaderboard Rewards noted in your Group for the season to see the amounts you stand to earn that season!


Daily Holosseum Leaderboard
Earn Dark Matter and Ultra Blobs! Use Dark Matter to open event Reward Bundles from the events page.
NOTE: This ends at 2:30pm PDT (9:30pm UTC) on March 29th

NOTE: Dark Matter earned from the Daily Holosseum Leaderboard will be automatically deposited into accounts — no need to collect them from the reward inbox!

Faction Holosseum Leaderboard
Collect Holo-crystals with your faction for Gold and Mythic Matter!

Event Leaderboard
Collect Dark Matter from Rivals and League Rewards! Use them to open event Reward Bundles from the events page for exclusive Avatars, Gold, Mythic Matter, and Augments!

NOTE: Any purchased Dark Matter (such as those converted from EX to buy bundles) do NOT count towards the event leaderboard.

Please also note that ties on the Event Leaderboard grant the prizes of the lower tier.

While there is no specific Top 10 or 1st place prize, the Top 50 SMASH Agents with the most Dark Matter contribution will receive the ultimate mark of SMASH's esteem: SMASH's Avatar!

Top 50

Collect Reward bundles from the Events Page

REMEMBER: Event bundles are found in the events page!

There are 24 event bundles this time, and each one contains, among other things, one Mutagenated Mutagenic Mutagen Augment each!

Also, as before, instead of monsters, we're giving away EX and Trial Tokens!

Check out the event page to see your progress in real time and preview your upcoming rewards! You can win:


MORE Mythic Matter!

MORE Gold!

Element X!

And Trial Tokens!
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Re: The E.N.D.

Postby THE-Riddle » Mar 1 2018, 2:11pm

The Smash avatar is awesome, but we would receive it the day the game is shutting down? 
Can you make a version of it to use in KoH? 
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Re: The E.N.D.

Postby Lord_Anthony » Mar 1 2018, 2:18pm

So we only have a day to use the smash avatar if we get it? Guess one is better than none though
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Re: The E.N.D.

Postby Kylesa » Mar 1 2018, 2:23pm

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Re: The E.N.D.

Postby RU_happy_yes » Mar 1 2018, 2:48pm

Troll level: ATA 
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Re: The E.N.D.

Postby JonTea » Mar 1 2018, 3:28pm

Dear ATA,
If you’d been even fractionally this generous with your VIP and bundles then this game may have had a future!
You’re giving away what people would have paid for if you’d got your price points right. Then again, it’s not like I didn’t advise this quite specifically several times in the past. But hey what would I know.
Anyway, thanks for the last hurrah. It’s nice to finally unlock a mythic monster third ability and level up my lamer monsters.
So bittersweet!
Peace out, Jon Tea
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Re: The E.N.D.

Postby toodamnninja » Mar 1 2018, 4:26pm

Holy crap, never thought I'd see dark matter again! 🔮
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Re: The E.N.D.

Postby CoolMo » Mar 1 2018, 4:54pm

Bravo ATA. I’ve said some less than flattering things about ATA on a snap emotional judgement. I have a very good feeling Smash will be returning in the not too distant future. Or something similar at least. You have a Diamond here. Smooth it out. Reward us returning players when the new Smash comes out please.

The E.N.D. 
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Re: The E.N.D.

Postby Jenat_is_Dead » Mar 1 2018, 5:57pm

I. M. P. O. S. S. I. B. L. E
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Re: The E.N.D.

Postby civiehoo » Mar 2 2018, 6:45am

This is too bad. Smash is a great game, a lot of fun with a loyal community. It’s really just a lack of focus/resources on the game that killed it since it can be rebuilt, which is too bad. Just selling Smash t-shirts and Halloween masks would've killed, much less other merch.

But a lot of creativity in the monster set and skills, and just fun mixing & matching teams that were constantly evolving for a long while. It's fun just thinking about the anticipation as new monsters were released. I’ll miss it!

I’ve been debating sharing this for a few weeks, as it doesn’t affect everyone, but here’s the thought: It’s ridiculous that the game is ending on Good Friday. While it doesn’t affect all of us, it does affect many, and it’s just another example of ATA not really looking out for what might affect the broader player base. Could the end date have moved up four days or a week to avoid Easter? Yes. Or back, if the end date had to be in March? Sure. I’m hopeful that this is considered.

Thanks at least for giving us lots of augmentagens and other resources to make our monsters crazy big & fun these last few weeks!
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