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Postby mikebass » May 21 2017, 11:31am

Will it ever refresh? Mine is already going on 124 hrs since it ended ....so it takes 4 days to get kicked from a league but you guys can restart the holosseam when ever you please? How will we win if you never restart it....just saying ...I love this game but I'll stop purchasing if there's no new ways to make blobs and chips
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Re: Holosseam

Postby sabersteve » May 21 2017, 1:57pm

Wow, you are confused.
Talk to you clan owner and admins, they can explain how this game works. They also start holos. A new one can start every 3 hours.
Trials last for the allotted time, which counts down. You can win tokens from league that allow you to compete in the trials. If you some how finish the trial, you can use 1000 tokens to restart. I don't recommend that.
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