What ATA should take away from smash

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What ATA should take away from smash

Postby SimonTheSquid » Apr 10 2018, 8:36pm

I’m going to name three games to you. You may or may not know them. Destiny, smash monsters, Paragon. At first glance these games are completely different. One is an mmo lite/FPS, one is a moba, and one is a strategy game. The three of these games all made the same mistake: fixing what wasn’t broken. I’ll use destiny as my first example: Bungie slowed down kill times, ability recharge rates, reworked the weapon system, and rid the game of random perk rolls on weapons. Paragon went through two major reworks to fundamental mechanics like the card system where they changed the cards making heroes made for the alpha in a timeframe where the game was much slower in pace. Smash made a massive change to monsters, and creation favoring micro transactions. All sweeping changes nobody asked for resulting in the games playerbase dropping like the first example or with the other two the servers shutting down. If I have learned anything in my short life it is to learn from my mistakes. Being sad because of an event that happened and continuing to dwell on it gets you nowhere especially as a company. I understand it is ATA’s game after all, but the consumerbase’s vision of a product is as important if not more important than the vision of the supplier because without the consumer demand drops until it hits zero and nothing is left. Paragon and Smash shut down within three days of each other (smash 25th paragon 28th). I will miss both these games dearly as they were close to my heart and I was there near the beginning for both. Goodbye Smash. I’ll miss you.
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Re: What ATA should take away from smash

Postby SpongeBlob » Apr 11 2018, 5:35am

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Re: What ATA should take away from smash

Postby mesharimq8i » Apr 12 2018, 6:32am

Agree with you, Simon. It really is disappointing to see smash at a state like this, as for destiny, bungie made some tactics which are shady to consumers every update they make to the game, especially the dawning event which is the most aggregious conning event ever. Bungie has fallen. Sorry Ata, maybe if you'd put up smash 2.0, your consumers might come back happy.
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