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PostPosted: Jun 5 2017, 2:12pm
by mom-momKong
In the past 7 days I have lost 10 tokens doing missions. It told me "network error" and took my tokens.

Re: Missions

PostPosted: Jun 6 2017, 8:17am
by Tommelz
Just read the following as stated by SMASH themselves. :)

ATA_Ness wrote:Hello Agents!

If you have a in-game mechanic question, need to recover your account, or you're experiencing technical issues, shoot us a message through the in-game feedback channels!
(We're moving away from our support email.)

You can access feedback through the "?" icon at the top right of your main screen > Help.
Once the support team responds, you will see an alert in the help section.

Examples of questions you should probably ask us in feedback:
-Help, I got a new phone and I can't access my old account!
-My game crashed while I was opening a creator, and I'm not sure which monsters I got!
-My tokens are lost. What happened?

Things you can ask here:

-Questions that other players can help you answer (eg. "How do I make more gold?")
-Feedback, especially ones you would like to discuss with the community. We look through these, we promise!

Thanks :)

Re: Missions

PostPosted: Jun 22 2017, 1:36pm
by genderbender
I don't think they compensate for things that are your fault like closing out of the app or screen switching.. I do believe network error is also one they don't compensate for but I could be wrong.

Re: Missions

PostPosted: Jun 26 2017, 4:58pm
by ryk
What do you mean😫