1 year after the Update..

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1 year after the Update..

Postby Venterex » Aug 23 2017, 4:42am

People have been on both sides some Hate the new update while others are fine with the massive update i came after the update and im adictided personally i think the August 2016 update is better than the old verson because i watched many of Plotscheck's old videos and i saw how compocladed it looked im pretty sure that the smash back then was way harder therefore harder for new players to be addicted to the game like i am now. so tell me new and old players which ones better old smash or new and tell me why you think its better?
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Re: 1 year after the Update..

Postby -IT- » Aug 23 2017, 6:17am

Both has there strengths and weaknesses . Holos were fun at first now are tedious. Getting monsters was a pain in old smash. Leveling monsters in rank is a pain in new smash.
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Re: 1 year after the Update..

Postby Subpar » Sep 26 2017, 8:09pm

Old smash was better.
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Re: 1 year after the Update..

Postby Gwyn » Sep 26 2017, 8:17pm

Old smash was awesome but I still like new smash. I loved the feeling when I finally got a hydra, which I wanted so bad, or a good roll on the creators. And the factions were better. There we so many good ones to choose from. I don’t miss paying for evolving monsters though.
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