Possible teams for lv:76-Tetchy?

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Possible teams for lv:76-Tetchy?

Postby Venterex » Nov 25 2017, 5:54pm

I've been working on mandible mantle to Tetchy for about 2 months now the reason being is because leveling up monsters that are lv:40 and above is hard. Though I have gotten to level 79 and im almost to Tetchy! The team I've been using is G bubbles B Pockets and B Whiskarr. I've been thinking to change it up to G Bubbles B Norman and B Dante any suggestions for teams?
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Re: Possible teams for lv:76-Tetchy?

Postby L3G3ND_Z3R0 » Nov 26 2017, 10:14am

First of all invest in the 250x smash chest to double monster xp from holos and trials, this last a week and will help get monsters up to and passed lvl100 fast.

As for teams, this is the classic 3

B Dante R Eel G Cragg
B Mutt G Hydra R Hatch
B Hydra B Norman B Cragg
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