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Re: Dummies guide to BB CODES

Postby big_dog_tamer » Feb 16 2017, 11:33am

I'll give him credit but I have to edmit that was the cutest wolf ever
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Re: Dummies guide to BB CODES

Postby PlayboiCactus » Apr 15 2017, 8:01am

WOLFIE wrote:


Edits : 20
Updates : 3

Date : 9/1/2015
Updated content
    • updated colour code generator
    • Added hex colour list below the colour code generator

Wish List Updates
    • Voting system
    • Smilies reintroduced
    • Range of codes I'm pushing forward to devs to implement into ata games.

Coming soon
•video code
•Email code
And remember, Stay classy S.M.A.S.H 😎


- Name of code
- How to do code
- Example of code

Text font Codes
- Bold
- Italics
- Underlined
- Strike

Quote Codes
- Normal quote
- Quote a person

Listing Code
- Normal list

Size Codes
- Small
- Normal
- Large
- Huge

Color Code
- Colors
- Page 4 rainbows
- Page 5 all colours

Center Code
- Center

Image codes
- Image
- Image fit

Hyperlink Codes
- Hyperlinks
- Hyperlinks with title
- Linking accounts

Divider Code
- Divider

Title Codes
- Title

- Colors + Bold
- Image + Hyperlink

Text Font

[B]*insert text*[/B]
Rules of Internet - There are no real rules about posting.

[i]*insert text*[/i]
Rules of Internet - All your carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored.

[U]*insert text*[/U]
Rules of Internet - All your pictures were obviously Photoshopped. No Exceptions.

[S] *insert text* [/S]
Rules of Internet - Real people are ruled unworthy.


[Quote] *insert text* [/Quote]
Rules of Internet - The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.

Quote a person
[Quote="*insert name*"]*insert text*[/Quote]
WOLFIE wrote:Rules of Internet - The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.

Note • You can only quote up to 3 people in a single quote, also you don't have to hand type this code. Tapping on the speech marks next to the persons name will quote that post.

WARNING • Creating false quotes is a breach in TOU, the person you have falsely quoted, can and will have the post removed.


[list]*insert text*[/list]

Note • You only really need to learn this listing code since you have bullet points on your keypad and letters as such.

Sizes Codes

[size=50]*insert text*[/size]

[size=100]*insert text*[/size]

[size=150]*insert text*[/size]

[size=200]*insert text*[/size]

Colour / Color

[color=*insert color*]*insert text*[/color]
Rules of Internet - Nobody tells the truth on the Internet.

Rainbow colour guide on page 4 link

Different colours on page 5 link

Centre / Center

[center]*insert text*[/center]
Rules of Internet - Pinkie Pie can divide by zero. She can break the 4th wall as canon. What can't she do?


[img]*insert link to image*[/img]


Resized image
[imgfit]*insert link to image*[/imgfit]

Note • It is much easier to use the imgfit code rather than the img code, since it cuts out the need to, save a image, resize the image and uploading the resized image. Also as a added extra the quality of the image is much better.

If you want to upload a image follow this link to learn how on the How to selfie thread by IHELP


[URL]*insert link*[/URL]

Note • Hyperlinks work anyways without this code.

Hyperlink With Title
[URL=*insert link*]*insert title*[/URL]
Colour Code Generator

Linking Accounts
[url=*insert account link*]*insert name*[/url]

To get a link to any account, they first off have to post to forums. Once someone has posted to forums tap and hold on the players name until you get the option to copy. Once you have the link just simpily use it like the hyperlink title code.

Note • this one seems complex but really easy when you know what to do, also if anyone knows how to link accounts who haven't posted on forums that be great.




[title]*insert text*[/title]

Woifie is a noob

Note • the title will only work if the text fits on one line, but as you can tell I like the combinations of; rainbow text, bold, underline and center as a title.

Combinations of Codes

To combine different codes into the same image or text, use the codes like normal but what ever order you've used code in, it must finish in the reverse order.

Colours + Bold
[Color=*insert colour*][b]*insert text*[/b][/color]
Rules of Internet - Power level tell you nothing. Rules of the Internet tell you everything.

Hyperlink + image
[url=*insert link*][imgfit]*insert link*[/imgfit][/url]

You can combine any number and different types of codes together as you want so go and explore young pioneer the world of bb codes is at your finger tips.

Remember with great power comes great responsibility so use this great power wisely

Thanks for reading, hope it made sense. If you're unclear about any detail ask away in this thread. But other than that test to your hearts contain within the thread.
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Re: Dummies guide to BB CODES

Postby Sunny-Grow » Jul 9 2017, 3:24am

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