Holler for Holo

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Holler for Holo

Postby Anj » Mar 19 2017, 10:42am

 So I've noticed more people are getting bored with the game. I'm no exception, to be honest, and I haven't been playing that long. 😅 The repetitiveness of the events are to be blamed, I guess.

I was thinking about quitting or taking a break during the last event. I knew it wouldn't sit well with some people, so I thought of doing something else to distract me.

Writing is my coping mechanism so naturally it's where I went. I decided to create something that might motivate others. Maybe, if I can make the people I like want to stay then I'd want to stay. That's what I thought.

For what it's worth, the new monsters are making it more interesting. So, there's that. The avatars are my motivation these days as well.

Anyway, I'm sharing it here so my fam and other Smash friends can read it. Sorry, it's gonna be a long read! 😅🏻

Hey, fam! This for you again! 
Holler for Holo

Mission unlocked!
Do grinds that are clocked.
Leave the team and you'll be blocked,
So better keep your ass docked.

Hit the holo, hit the leagues!
Commands your officer digs,
Drilling discipline as to well-oiled rigs,
To win rewards in these gigs.

Agents scrambling to the end,
Hoping for time to bend
To maximize the efforts they lend
Just to finish missions - the purposeful intend.

Holos have been a gift
To give this mundane game a lift
And keep factions from going adrift -
Before boredom brings a rift.

Because boredom is a slum
That will keep you glum,
So let the urge to battle be at a hum
Resonating inside like beats of a drum.

You may not get very far
Even when you set high the bar,
The object is to enjoy and maybe win some avatar,
So better bring that bonus up to par.

Give your best to play the game,
When doing it for the fam, there's no shame,
Even when you think it's getting lame,
Enjoy it just the same.

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Re: Holler for Holo

Postby FreeTheDead » Mar 19 2017, 10:53am

Yay Anjie 
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Re: Holler for Holo

Postby Sondaddy » Mar 19 2017, 11:22am

Best rap/poem ever!!!
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Re: Holler for Holo

Postby JasonSR » Mar 19 2017, 4:02pm

well said Lil miss!
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Re: Holler for Holo

Postby mojoe » Mar 19 2017, 6:24pm

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Re: Holler for Holo

Postby LoBo » Mar 19 2017, 8:17pm

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ girlfriend️
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Re: Holler for Holo

Postby vlondeath » Mar 19 2017, 8:23pm

Nice one, sis. 
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Re: Holler for Holo

Postby samraptor » Mar 19 2017, 8:36pm

Great job 
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Re: Holler for Holo

Postby Anj » Mar 19 2017, 8:53pm

Thanks guys! 🙈🍭🍭🍭
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Re: Holler for Holo

Postby Backinorder » Mar 19 2017, 9:35pm

"For how you do is spectacular for whom is created Z3R0"
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