Best ever achievements

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Best ever achievements

Postby funkyhat » Feb 12 2018, 2:16am

Hi there smasher,
Before it all ends, I would love to see who has the highest achievements in the game from fellow smashers.
The obvious ones are who has the highest medal count or fastest highest holo crystal grind on a day.
But I would like to see any screen shots or claims from hoarders too!
I remember back in the day when nukes were considered bad monsters for elite players and saving up to 99 million gold was max cap. So I'm sure you must have something to share you're proud of in this game!
I would love to know who in smash has the highest ever city defends that's recorded for example.
I think it would be great for each faction to see who their best players are!
See ya around 😎
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Re: Best ever achievements

Postby stadnyk » Feb 12 2018, 11:06am

4* domain defender was probably the least achievable achievement in the achievement section.
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