Spooky stories

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Spooky stories

Postby stigma » Jan 13 2018, 10:19pm

You guys tell me your scariest story that you can think of. Please
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Re: Spooky stories

Postby Tyrant » Jan 14 2018, 8:17am

This one time, Stigma played Smash.
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Re: Spooky stories

Postby darth_wiggles » Jan 15 2018, 7:06pm

Once apon a time.. everyone dies
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Re: Spooky stories

Postby patookapatty » Today, 3:23pm

Once upon a time, a man named John was riding his car. On the street, he saw a pretty woman and asked the woman if he could drive her home. On the way, the man asked her name, and she hesitantly said, " Charlotte " . John gave Charlotte his jacket because he figured she would be cold. He dropped her off at her her house, and she silently walked inside. The next day, John realised Charlotte hasn't given back the jacket. So he went to her house and knocked the door. Out came an old woman, about 80 years old. John asked for his jacket and the woman said, " Charlotte, my sweet girl, died 15 years ago, she couldn't have possibly have took your jacket." John stammered " b-but I gave her my jacket! I'm sure of it!" The woman said, " go to the cemetary, charlotte's grave is there. " without another word, John ran to the cemetary. On top of charlottes grave, lay his jacket.

Okay that's all I don't think it's that scary but Ya
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