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Blame the Game

Postby Quartzory » Jul 21 2015, 4:40am

Hewow guys , I'm super bored again as I only talk on WC & got many lvl 6 players calling me a noob  ask them , do they hate rocks or something ?

Anyways , I came up with an idea , a game called ( Blame The Game )

This game is mainly for fun & I don't want anyone to get mad because of it , kay ? 

So , the game is all about that ( 1st person writes a sentence but not a long one , & the next person writes another sentence BUT starting with the last word of the previous person's sentence )

For example :-

1st person : I hate Trains

Next person : Trains are lame

Next person : Lame Quartz got no faction

Next person : faction is for weak

& so on  I know it's not a big deal though but this what happens when boredom strikes 😅

P.S: If you want to swear at me , do it on my wall , not here . Unless you are trying to tell people : looks at me , I'm a thug & I don't care

Chill out baby 
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Re: Blame the Game

Postby Redemption » Jul 21 2015, 6:00am

Donkeys are also called asses. 🌚
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Re: Blame the Game

Postby DrNinjaDaddy » Jul 21 2015, 6:05am

Asses in a group are called a pace. 🌚
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Re: Blame the Game

Postby Brokenblade » Jul 21 2015, 7:08am

Pace yourself or u will lose the race
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Re: Blame the Game

Postby Witcher » Jul 21 2015, 7:26am

Race that donkey home
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Re: Blame the Game

Postby Micabob245 » Jul 21 2015, 7:40am

Home is where everything starts
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Re: Blame the Game

Postby gance_retired » Jul 21 2015, 8:24am

Starts is a tough word to use at the beginning of a sentence
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Re: Blame the Game

Postby SS-Tbou » Jul 21 2015, 8:56am

Sentence your mama!
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Re: Blame the Game

Postby Lutrinae » Jul 21 2015, 9:03am

mama helps me with a lot of things
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Re: Blame the Game

Postby blobs » Jul 21 2015, 9:25am

Things done in the dark come to light
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