The Walking Tech

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The Walking Tech

Postby ATA_Zelda » Feb 15 2018, 2:02pm

The Walking Tech

Ends on March 1st at 1pm PST (9pm UTC)!

It happened in the blink of an eye...

The Walking Tech

Within minutes of its release, ILUV-WannaDoom, the world's first computer trojan-worm-virus (or "trormrus") had infected 99% of the world's technology. The tromrus (or "virojarm") was somehow able to spread to anything with a microchip, from PCs to singing birthday cards.

So insidious and powerful was this virojarm (or "wojanus") that once a device had succumbed to it, it would mutate and grow limbs, becoming ambulatory. Such victims of the wojanus (or "trovirm") were known as "Marauders" (or "Marauders").

A mere two hours after the trovirm's (or "worvijan's") release, the streets were filled with crawling, moaning electronics seeking uninfected appliances to devour. Elevators were going sideways. Refrigerators were automatically placing orders for brains at the local supermarket. Printers continued being jerks. Society ground to a halt.

Genius computer scientist Schmerman Memler was working the afternoon shift at local electronics store Burst Boy when he received news of the crisis. Within milliseconds, he had grabbed several copies of a popular anti-virus software suite (at an employee's discount) and had entered his RF-shielded room.

His plan: to use the software as a base to homebrew a "helpful" worvijan (or "vitrorm") to counteract ILUV-WannaDoom...but can he do it in time?

Collect AntiVirus Software

This event is both PvP and Holo, but it's not your average event. The prizes are BIGGER and BETTER than ever before!

You can collect AntiVirus Software by attacking RIVALS, collecting League Leaderboard Rewards, and by competing in the Daily Holosseum Leaderboard!

You can also collect 1000 AntiVirus Software every 6 hours from your Rewards Inbox!

Changes to the Holosseum

Since Limit Releasers can no longer be purchased, there are no more limit release Holo-missions. All holo-missions are free, and there’s no longer a 2-hour cooldown between missions.

As well, anyone in a faction can now start a Holo-mission!

All remaining Limit Releasers in the game will be converted into EX, at a rate of 300 EX for 1 Limit Releaser. This process will start after the event begins.


There are NO EVENT AUGMENTS this time (but they're not gone forever!).

As always, you can collect Augment Mystery Keys from the Trials of Adrena to open the Augment Mystery Box found in the Store. You'll receive Golden Blobs along with the chance at Augments!

While you are NOT guaranteed an Augment from each spin, the Augment Mystery Box contains all currently available Augments outside of the ones being rewarded during this event.

All available Augments:
- Agent Augment: Brain - +% Player XP from Battle
- Agent Augment: Hand - +% Gold from Battle
- Monster Augment - +% Medals earned from Rivals
- Monster Augment - +% MAX HP
- Monster Augment - +% MAX Attack
- Building Augment - +% MAX HP
- Building Augment - +% MAX Attack
- Agent Augment: Body - + Energy Cap
- Monster Augment - +% Speed
- Building Augment - +% Speed

Augment Mystery Box

Augment Mystery Key


League bonuses for AntiVirus Software earned by battling Rivals are as follows:
- Bronze/Silver: 1x
- Gold: 2x
- Platinum: 4x
- Legendary I: 6x
- Legendary II: 7x
- Legendary III: 8x

League Leaderboard Rewards will grant AntiVirus Software at a fixed rate depending on your League Tier and your placement on the League Group Leaderboard. Check the League Leaderboard Rewards noted in your Group for the season to see the amounts you stand to earn that season!


Daily Holosseum Leaderboard
Earn AntiVirus Software! Use AntiVirus Software to open event Reward Bundles from the events page.

NOTE: AntiVirus Software earned from the Daily Holosseum Leaderboard will be automatically deposited into accounts — no need to collect them from the reward inbox!

Faction Holosseum Leaderboard
Collect Holo-crystals with your faction for exclusive Faction Emblems, Gold, and Mythic Matter!

1st place

Top 10

Event Leaderboard
Collect AntiVirus Software from Rivals and League Rewards! Use them to open event Reward Bundles from the events page for exclusive Avatars, Gold, Mythic Matter, and Augments!

NOTE: Any purchased AntiVirus Software (such as those converted from EX to buy bundles) do NOT count towards the event leaderboard.

Please also note that ties on the Event Leaderboard grant the prizes of the lower tier.

1st place

Top 10

Collect Reward bundles from the Events Page

REMEMBER: Event bundles are found in the events page!

This event features a ton more rewards, and the bundles are cheaper than usual! Also, instead of monsters, we're giving away EX and Trial Tokens! (We determined that this was a better value for gaining monsters than the specialized creators from previous event bundles.)

Check out the event page to see your progress in real time and preview your upcoming rewards! You can win:


MORE Mythic Matter!

MORE Gold!

Element X!

And Trial Tokens!
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby Anil » Feb 15 2018, 2:38pm

“There are no event augments this time, but there not gone forever” ummmmmmm wait a minute ATA you sure about that?

Source: -IT-
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby BDS_SOR » Feb 15 2018, 3:13pm

I thought that an odd statement as well
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby LeRevenant » Feb 15 2018, 4:10pm

geez, is that all? i think i got a brain tumor from reading those portmanteaus for "trojan-worm-virus" in the desc.
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby Dradis » Feb 15 2018, 6:27pm

Since everyone has S5 monsters, we’ll inlude no monsters in your prizes. ...
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby Tyrant » Feb 16 2018, 1:49pm

Anil wrote:“There are no event augments this time, but there not gone forever” ummmmmmm wait a minute ATA you sure about that?

Source: -IT-

They copied and pasted from the other events. Literally. Just like the “events” they’ve had running for months.
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby CoolMo » Feb 16 2018, 7:55pm

How hard could it be to work in the ATA offices? Copy, cut and paste everything. Then when it doesn’t work out, blame it on technology. No one knew a decade ago that technology changes.
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby Kylesa » Feb 17 2018, 10:15am

People that still play this game are total losers.
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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby Kylesa » Feb 17 2018, 10:46am

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Re: The Walking Tech

Postby Jenat_is_Dead » Feb 17 2018, 8:57pm

Smashtabation wrote:People that still play this game are total losers.

U play
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